I Love Writing Wedding Poems

I absolutely enjoy writing all sorts of poetry. Especially wedding poems. Since my family and I attend several weddings each year (large extended family) I’ve had a lot practice writing wedding poetry over the years.

With the help of my cousin’s husband, I have just created my very first website – SpecialWeddingPoems.com

At first I was very hesitant, since I do not know anything about this technical website stuff. But with Martin’s guidance and advice, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I already had most of the poems on my computer, so all I had to do is cut and paste them in the different wedding pages.

So I’m very excited that I get to share my wedding poems with the world. I’m also super excited about this blog. Anita offered to help out with the blog. So I know we will have so much fun.

We hope you join our discussions as we talk about WEDDINGS!

Sincerely Yours…

Lucilla – I am a married stay at home mom of two beautiful children. I live in southern California, where I was born and raised. I am fortunate to have many wonderful friends and a large supporting extended family. The wedding poems at specialweddingpoems.com have been written over the course of several years. I wrote one for my cousin Anita’s wedding last year, that took place in Toronto, Canada. Anita’s husband Martin, convinced me to create a website so that I may post my wedding poetry. With his help and vast patience, we managed get it up and running.

Have fun reading the poems and our wedding related blog posts.

Anita – I live in Toronto with my wonderful husband Martin. We have attended many different types of weddings over the years, and I would love to share my experiences and advice with you.

The Wedding Poem Surprise of My Life!

Every little girl always dreams of one day marrying her special prince charming in a fairytale wedding. I remember when I was a little girl, me and my girl friends during sleepovers would talk about our dream wedding and the actor we were going to marry. I remember I had a crush on the actor, Jonathan Taylor and that he was the one that would save me and be my prince charming.

We would literally spend hours; draw out our wedding dresses and talk about which actors and actresses we would invite as our guests.

We would role play too, until one of our friends’ mothers would come into the bedroom and tell us to go to sleep. I knew that one day I would get married, I just never knew when.

I met this wonderful man few years ago; we got engaged and set a wedding date.The wedding date quickly approached. On the day of our wedding as we were saying our speeches, it was my husband’s turn to say his speech. Let me tell you, not only did he say a speech; he did something else that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. He asked me to walk over with him to the dance floor and had me sit on a chair.

I had no idea about what he was just about to do. He went on one knee and started to read a wedding poem he had wrote for me on our special wedding day.

Tears of emotions, happiness and everything else I was feeling at that very moment came rushing down my cheeks. I started to feel shaky, I felt as if it were just me and my husband in that large room full of guests. At that moment I did not notice anybody else around us, I could not describe what I felt that evening. It was such a priceless moment, it meant the world to me having had received this personalized poem by my husband just for me.

It had so much meaning to it. At the end, I gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever, I didn`t want to let him go, I didn`t want this moment to end. All guests stood up, whistling and clapping their hands.

It showed that the meaning behind those words was even felt in our guests. It was the highlight of our night I must say.

I realized how powerful a wedding poem can be. Not only is having my best friend for life my husband now, but keeping this poem he wrote for me in my heart forever always. This was my fairytale wedding and I would not change it for anything in the world.

It was perfect and complete.

Free Wedding Poems

The free wedding poems on these pages were written for you to share with family and friends on that special day.


The couples write their wedding vows,
The parents give the money,
The planners plan to spend it,
Let’s just hope the day is sunny.

A lot of people are involved,
In this day meant for two,
But love is the important thing,
Amidst so much ado.

So let’s all just remember,
The meaning of the day,
That’s what makes us all rejoice,
And leap for the bouquet!

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