These funny wedding poems were written to bring more laughter and joy to wedding celebrations. Feel free to browse through these wedding poems and choose the ones that you would like to share with the bride and groom or your guests if you are the one who is getting married.

Say Goodbye, Say Hello

Say goodbye to bachelor days,
Say goodbye to freestyle ways,
Say goodbye to single life,
Say hello to your new wife!

Put your laundry in the pile,
Talk of feelings for a while,
Please wipe off the kitchen sink,
Watch your wallet start to shrink.

But say hello to love that’s true,
To someone putting up with you.
She’ll love you forever more,
That’s more than you could ask her for!

by Lucilla Moretti

Everyone likes to joke about the fact that getting married means giving up your free-wheeling bachelor lifestyle, and there have been countless movies and books written about just such a thing.

Giving up the little black book, saying goodbye to singles hotspots like dance clubs and bars and learning not to let those dirty dishes pile up are just a few things that go along with getting married.

Did you like the above poem? I think it is a great little poem that can be shared with the bride to be right before her wedding day. The days before her wedding day, the bride will be running around all stressed out, and I think a poem like this will remind her that her wedding day will be lots of fun.

If your brother or male friend is getting married, than you should share this funny wedding poem with him. It was specifically written for the groom who is saying goodbye to his bachelor days and lifestyle.

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Sight To See

A bride’s as lovely as can be,
Her make-up painted perfectly,
Not a hair is out of place,
There is a glow upon her face.

Her gown is white and fluttery,
Her form’s as shapely as can be,
Her veil surrounds her as it flows,
There’s not a smudge upon her nose.

Yes, she is a sight to see,
Put together so nicely,
Then there’s cake smooshed in her face,
And laughter’s filling up the place!

As the above poem states, the bride and her beauty is often the focus of many weddings. Believe me, it takes a lot of work to make her look that good. Her white wedding dress is just one of the things that makes her stand out from the bridal party and the guests. While the groom often blends quite well with the crowd, since he usually wears black, just like many guests and ushers.

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We all know that weddings can be very stressful because of all the small details involved in a typical wedding. That’s exactly the theme behind the free funny wedding poem. I hope it makes you laugh.

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I’ve always been a big fan of cupcakes. They even have wedding cupcakes now. I’m getting a huge craving.

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Thank you for visiting the funny wedding poems section and I hope that you had fun.