anniversary partySacred Wedding

A wedding is a sacred thing,
Where man and wife exchange a ring,
And look into each other’s eyes,
Reciting vows beneath the skies.

Tears of joy are what they shed,
This is where their lives have led,
A special moment both can share,
For all to see, their lives laid bare.

Their lives together now begin,
In front of guests and friends and kin,
No longer do they need to roam,
They now begin to build a home.


A wedding is a journey,
And together you embark,
Your love is like a searchlight,
Shining out amidst the dark.

Highs and lows will come and go,
So simply stick together,
For love can last a lifetime,
And beyond that to forever.

That path toward the future,
Is where you two are heading,
It all begins with love,
And the union at your wedding.



Cakes and snacks and plates and chairs,
Trying to seat guests in pairs,
Who will sit there? Who will sit here?
The time for the big day is near.

Flower colors must be chosen,
Should the champagne come out frozen?
So many choices to be made,
And lots of people to get paid!

Planning weddings can be tough,
But if you plan them well enough,
No one needs to ever know,
What it takes to put on the show.



Dear Mr. Bride and Mrs. Groom,
Before you’re off to honeymoon,
I’d like to wish you all the best,
And hope that you will both be blessed.

This wedding card belongs to you,
And now that your lives start anew,
I wanted just a simple way,
To wish you well on your big day.

It’s quite a step, but you’ll do great,
And now it’s time to celebrate,
So please enjoy your happiness,
For both of you are truly blessed!



I Adore!

Our wedding day is really here,
I want to shout and give a cheer!
It’s time to finally tie the knot,
And wear the fancy things we bought!

I will put on my wedding dress,
And try to look my very best,
You’ll look fancy in your tux,
Like you are worth a million bucks!

I’m so excited for this day,
And I just really want to say,
That I’m so happy to be yours,
For you’re the one that I adore!


It Shows

Words of love are spoken,
With soft and tender vows,
Flowers swaying gracefully,
Upon the treetop boughs.

The wedding couple whispers,
And then they share a smile,
They kiss each other, then proceed,
To walk back down the aisle.

The love is overflowing,
It’s beautiful to see,
A wedding always truly shows,
How happy two can be.


Wedding Anniversary Poems

The wedding anniversary poems in this section were written for you to share. Most of these poems may be given to your spouse. However, there are a few that can be shared with a parents, friends, or anyone who is celebrating a wedding anniversary.

Our Anniversary

This day, it means so much to me,
For it’s our anniversary,
And I want you to truly know,
That my heart simply is aglow.

You make each year so wonderful,
Each day, you grow more beautiful,
You fill my heart with love and cheer,
And I do love you so, my dear.

So happy anniversary,
And thank you so for choosing me,
It will be fun to celebrate,
So let’s dress up and have a date!