In this section you will find different types of wedding shower poems. I hope that you share these poems with your family and friends and that they bring them joy.

What To Bring

Should it be a bit dramatic?
Or just plain and pragmatic?
Should I just go with flowers?
What to give at wedding showers?

Perhaps a set of coasters,
Might go nicely with this toaster,
But how am I to know,
With no one to tell me so?

Whatever gift I bring,
Please remember just one thing,
I’m so happy for you two,
Can’t wait to hear you say, “I do.”

That poem makes so much sense. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what to buy for the wedding shower. There are so many things to choose from, and the registry list is usually super long so it doesn’t help very much.

Wedding Shower Poetry For The Bride-To-Be

Let’s begin by looking at a few poems that were written to be shared with the wonderful bride-to-be. The first one is called Filled With Glee, and it’s really cute.

If you want another really cute one, let me recommend this wedding shower verse.

One of my favorite poems for the bride-to-be is called – Here For You, and I’m sure you can guess what that one is about.

Lovely Wedding Shower

We’ll decorate in silver,
We’ll hang some wedding bells,
We’ll bake a cake and all enjoy,
How wonderful it smells!

We’ll hang up lovely streamers,
We’ll throw confetti, too,
We’ll laugh and talk and just have fun,
Until the night is through!

A lovely wedding shower,
Is something very grand,
We think that all will simply love
The party we have planned!

Just like the above poem describes, wedding showers are a lot of fun. Personally, I even enjoy helping my friends prepare for the wedding shower. So decorating the party room or house and preparing the food and shower favors is fun as well.

Wedding Shower Invitation Response Poems

If you are looking for a unique way to respond to a wedding shower invitation, you could try replying with wedding shower verses that were written as a response to an invitation.

But before you decide to choose the previous response poem, take a look at this response poem for wedding shower invitation.

Wedding Shower Invitation Poems

A very unique way to invite your family and friends to your wedding shower or the wedding shower that you are hosting is by using, wedding shower invitation poems.

These type of wedding shower invitation verses will make the invitation cards really stand out and will add plenty of uniqueness and fun. Instead of using the generic type, you could always just simply make your own customized cards using these invitation poems.

Our friends at also have some more bridal shower poems, enjoy!

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Here’s some more wedding shower party ideas and games, along with party ideas for all of life’s celebrations! You will also need some unique gift ideas, so that your gift will stand out at the shower.